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Alex and Matt's Wedding at Brockhurst School

If you're going to get married on Halloween and have an appropriately themed evening reception you would be hard pushed to find a better venue than Brockhurst School, which you could imagine featuring in a 1970's Hammer movie with Peter Cushing. As far as I know it's never been used as a movie set though.
Alex and Matt had a very elegant and stylish wedding and the weather was very kind, extremely mild for the time of year with lots of sunshine. With such a beautiful venue it really wouldn't have mattered though as there are so many angles that you could use inside if the weather was against you that you would still be spoilt for choice. We managed to run around all over the place outside and i'm particulartly pleased with the shot using the piled up leaves in the foreground.
After the cutting of the lovely looking chocolate wedding cake, the evening reception went into hallowen mode with dress up boxes of witchy costumes and carved pumpkins with tealights spread around the place. All very creepy and rounded of with the appearance of bats at about 10pm. Yes honestly, the bats came out to join in the celebrations!
All in all an excellent and really fun wedding. Sadly Brockhurst isn't a regular wedding venue so no website link this time.  

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