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Adam and Ben's Civil Partnership at Broyle Place, Lewes

I first met Adam and Ben at Lorna and Grahams wedding at Deans Place in Alfriston and they had given me some indication that their civil partnership was going to be something of an event. This didn't surprise me as I've done lots of civil partnerships and they are always an absolute blast. What did surprise me was how much they had packed into their day, "something of and event" turned out to be something of an understatement!
We all started the day at Broyle Place as it has some lovely rooms available for getting ready, one of which was set up for the hair and makup stylists who received a steady stream of visitors throughout the morning.
The original plan was for the ceremony to take place in the garden, but about half and hour out there were some nasty looking clouds heading our way and a few drops of rain starting to appear, so we switched to the marquee. This turned out to be a pretty good plan as the heavens opened just as Adam and Ben were exchanging their vows. In fact the rain was so bad it was a struggle to hear them.
The rain stopped straight after the ceremony so the three of us went for a wander around the grounds and then organised some group photos. By this time the entertainment was just starting. They had lined up a singer, a band, a drag act, burlesque dancers... as soon as you thought there would be a break someone else would come on. It continued like this all afternoon and late into the evening, pretty exhausting when you are running round trying to capture everything.
This was a pretty incredible and fun filled day that had everyone talking about it for months afterwards. If you are interested in using it as your venue you can find out more about weddings at Broyle Place here: http://www.broyleplace.co.uk  

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