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Lorna and Graham's Wedding at Deans Place, Alfriston

Another trip to the always excellent Deans Place in Alfriston, East Sussex, this time for the wedding of Lorna and Graham. The bridal preparations set the tone for the day, everyone was having great fun all laughing and joking around. Lorna's Dad had set himself up in the conservatory as a one man flower arranging factory producing an endless stream of bouquets and buttonholes and Mum was busy making cups of tea and sandwiches for everyone.
Although it's possible to get married outside in a gazebo at Deans Place, it was a bit too chilly for that this time. We did go out onto the terrace for group phots and one of the most impressive confetti fests ever though, Lorna and Graham were buried under a blizzard of coloured paper, just how it should be!
Graham is one of these clever people who understand how to make cars work, so all the place cards were done as Haynes car maintenance manuals which is a really fun idea. The even had a welded metal bride and groom statue made from nuts, bolts and other technical car things.
I had one really neat moment when I was talking with a couple of guests in that quiet period before the evening reception starts. A little old lady came up to us and said "You were the photographer at our grand daughters wedding and your photographs were so beautiful they made me cry." This pleased me immensely as I'm sure you can imagine (and no I hadn't bribed them). I was even more pleased when the couple I was talking with said that they were going to ask me about their wedding and after a reference like it was a definite! Pencilled in there and then, meeting arranged, contracts exchanged and booking confirmed three days later.
Lorna and Graham had a brilliant fun filled wedding and one of the nice things about Deans Place is that there are lots of lovely rooms and feature corners for photographs. You can find out more about weddings there on their website: http://www.deansplacehotel.co.uk  

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