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Amy and Ben's Wedding at Swallows Oast, Ticehurst

This was a two photographer wedding with me covering the boys getting ready and enormously talented Lina Nyberg covering the girls. I started the morning down in Rye where it was a whirl of shirt ironing and cuflink fumbling, followed by some family photographs in the garden. Then we all went to the Ship Inn in Rye town centre for some liquid nerve steadying - you have to, it's a bloke thing.
Amy and her bridal party arrived at the venue in a pair of lovely white Morris Minor vintage cars with fold down tops to take advantage of the sunshine Apart from the cars and the dress the other thing everyone noticed straight away was Amy's bridal bouquet. She had made it herself from bits of vintage jewellery, badges and even a couple of scrabble tiles, it looked incredible and weighed a ton.
One of the cool things about Swallows Oast is that if the weather is nice you can end up having two wedding ceremonies. The weather was very nice so the first (official) ceremony takes place inside witnessed by a small handfull of family and friends. Meanwhile everyone else gathers in the woods a short distance away which had been decorated with paper lanterns and candles in glass jars. We then had the second ceremony conducted by the same registrar with the exchange of vows and rings in a lovely woodland setting. It's a really neat idea and everyone really enjoyed it.
Swallows Oast is a lovely looking venue and if you like the idea of having a second wedding ceremony deep in the woods the have a browse over to their website: http://www.swallowsoast.co.uk  

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